Throughout the years, traveling in the desert without a local guide is considered suicide…

So many times we have seen it…

You had a vision that made you create an original idea, started up a business and started making sales and profits, and everything seemed to be going just fine when suddenly you reached a level where the business seemed to be constant with no progress at all.

You are overwhelmed with so many things and can not figure out how to take your business performance to the next level…

This is where we come to help you. Crossing over to the next level of performance requires more than a vision, mission and an original idea. It requires a strategy that could be translated into a roadmap of portfolios, programs, and projects. It also requires the ability to manage these components successfully.

Our Strategy

Our Mission

is to help you set your business compass in the right direction, redefine your organizational and strategy objectives and create alignment in your business operations that would yield an early and continuous delivery of value to you and your business. We do this by providing you with the top quality consultants, coaches, and mentors, to be your guides in this long and difficult journey. We understand your needs and we also understand your limited resources and capabilities, and while others focus on what they can get from you, we focus on where we can get you
We Cross You Over to the Future…

We Stand For

Perfection: Our deliverables are a reflection of our brand and what we stand for. That is why we always seek perfection. Whenever we believe there is a room for improvement, we go ahead and improve, until we reach inner satisfaction that a job that has our signature on it, is really perfected.
Agility: We strongly believe that change is the only constant and that only those who embrace the change and adapt to it will continue to lead the way. That’s why we mastered agility to respond to your changing requests and to help you, not only efficiently respond to changes, but also anticipate and create them. Agility is one of our core values as well as our core competencies.
Integrity: We strongly commit ourselves to the highest ethical and integrity standards, as best performers and best achievers are worth nothing without them. Our integrity makes us always deliver what we promise and promise what we can deliver. Protecting our customers’ data and information is a promise that we always keep and expect others to keep as well.
Simplicity: Offering the best solution does not require complexity. In fact, most of the innovative solutions come from thinking in simple ways. As we strive to bring solutions to your business problems we make sure that these solutions are as simple as possible to provide maximum efficiency with minimum cost.
Teamwork: we believe in our individual resources capabilities and skills, yet we believe more that bringing a team to work together will maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Our team is our strength, and we strive to make them work in harmony while at the same time allowing every one of them to leave their unique fingerprints on our products and services.




Crossover Management Consultancy is founded by Eng. Bayhas Al Sawady and its HQ is in Bahrain


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United Arab Emirates

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